Lectures on BMS current algebras

This is the webpage for the mini-course "Lectures on BMS current algebras" delivered by Glenn Barnich in October 2016 at the School of Mathematics of the University of Edinburgh.

The lectures will aim to cover the following topics:

  1. Locality in field theory - elementary variational bi-complex
  2. Characteristic cohomology - Koszul-Tate resolution
  3. Gauge and global symmetries - BV formalism
  4. Asymptotic symmetries, surface charges and central extensions
  5. Symmetries of asymptotically flat and AdS space-times
  6. BMS4 current algebra
  7. 3d gravity as group theory

All lectures will take place in JCMB 6311. The format of all lectures but the last will be two halves of approximately 45 minutes with a break and time for questions.


  1. Monday, 10 October
  2. Tuesday, 11 October
  3. Wednesday, 12 October
  4. Thursday, 13 October
  5. Friday, 14 October

Glenn's lecture notes can be found at this URL (scroll down to Edinburgh 2016).